“Refugees don’t take advantage of the economic system of the host country. On the contrary, they may contribute to economy growth”

President of ICAR Foundation, Dr Camelia Doru, and a good and constant partner of ICAR Foundation, Dr Laurent Subilia, a Swiss expert in working with refugees and victims of war, were the guests of journalist Andrei Popov, on 18 September, at Radio Romania International – the programme in French.

Dr Camelia Doru: “I am pleased that there is a public debate on this topic. There are clichés about migrants: that they come with exotic diseases, that they are terrorists, that they want to convince us to change our religion…”
Dr Laurent Subilia: “An example of a cliché is the fact that they presumably come to take advantage of the economic system of the country in question, when, in reality, they could contribute to economy growth of that country.”

You can listen to the full programme in French here.

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