30th anniversary of the ICAR Foundation’s continuous activity

The pilot project ICAR REHABILITATION HUB FOR UKRANIAN VICTIMS OF WAR AND SEVERE HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES is launched today, April 23, 2022, on the 30th anniversary of the ICAR Foundation’s continuous activity!

The 12 months pilot project will be implemented within the partnership between ICAR Foundation (Romania) and NGOs from Ukraine.

The hub will be based in Romania – Bucharest – and it will function as a resource and service center for Ukrainian citizens severely affected by the invasions/war started by the Russian army. The beneficiaries will receive free of charge rehabilitation programs (medical, psychological, legal, protection, recreational etc.) provided by mixed teams of Romanian and Ukrainian professionals for various period of time.

ICAR foundation will identify, prepare, and equip the premises of the HUB.

Donations are encouraged and welcomed!

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