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Press Release


ICAR Foundation, in partnership with Novapolis Association, is launching the project „Integration of third country nationals (TCNs) with legal stay in Romania through Education and Healthcare”.

The project is funded under the General Program “Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows” (ref: IF/11.02/02.02) of the European Union, managed in Romania by the Ministry of Internal Affairs through the General Directorate for European Affairs and International Relations as Responsible Authority and the General Immigration Inspectorate as Contracting Authority.

The project is implemented for five months, beginning with 15th of January 2013.

Integration is a long-term process based not only on immigrants’ sustained efforts after their arrival in the destination country but especially on the openness, respect and support of the native population and national local and central authorities, towards the newly-arrived TCNs.

The purpose the project is to ensure the social inclusion of the third country nations with legal stay in Romania by  offering a diverse range of educational and healthcare services, focusing mainly on migrant children and youth and, secondly, on the adults TCNs, from the region with a maximum immigrants’ agglomeration, Bucharest-Ilfov.

Direct beneficiaries of the project are the third country nationals with legal stay on the Romanian territory,especially, the immigrants living in the Bucharest-Ilfov region.

Main activities of the project are:

–       Project’s launching, elaborate and disseminate the project’s informative materials

–       Identify and select 20 children and 40 adults, TCNs with legal stay in Romania, who are to benefit of support within the project and implement general training sessions in 10 educational facilities characterized by a high number of migrant children

–       Develop and implement a module of non-formal and extra-curricular educational activities for children, TCNs with legal stay in Romania and elaborate a Guide of good practices in working with pre-school and school migrant children

–       Provide medical services culturally adapted to minor and adults TCNs with legal stay in Romania: healthcare education and prophylaxis, medical investigations and testing, treatment, issue medical documents.

–       Organize a final event to disseminate the project’s results through a debate where will participate representatives of the active actors involved in immigrants’ integration, of the educational facilities that were in the project, of NGOs, mass-media, of youth and migrants associations, parents, children and youngsters participants in the project or who are interested in becoming multipliers of the projects’ results

–       Elaborate and disseminate a brochure with the projects’ results in Romanian and English.


For additional information, please, contact:

Iuliana Florea, Project Manager ICAR Foundation, tel. 0770 951 697,

Iris Alexe, Project Responsable Novapolis Association, tel. 0725 259 919,

ICAR Foundation is a non-governmental organization that for over 20 years has been providing specialized assistance (medical, psychological, social, legal) for vulnerable persons, Romanian nationals or foreigners (asylum seekers, refugees, migrants). ICAR Foundation’s multidisciplinary team comprises specialists with extensive training and experience in working with traumatized persons, in offering culturally adapted services to both adults and children.

Novapolis Association is a non-governmental organization specialized in projects’ implementation in the social field, immigration and integration of foreigners in Romania, labour migration and European workforce mobility, education and promotion of democratic values. In these fields, Novapolis Association, through its members, has developed technical expertise in research, communication and public relations, project management, education and training, involve in projects regarding social inclusion of migrants.

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