Dr Camelia Doru, on the “murder laboratory” for the repression of political prisoners

The programme “Dor de Adevar”, broadcasted on 31 July 2015 on Nasul TV and presented by the President of 21 December Association, Teodor Maries, had, among its guests, Dr Camelia Doru, President of ICAR Foundation, the first and only organisation in Romania supporting former political prisoners by offering free of charge healthcare, psychological, social services and legal assistance. The title of the programme was “Visinescu, the first convicted torturer”.

Dr Camelia Doru: “I do hope that these cases are just a beginning, because they are the last tools of a system which devised a repressive strategy and policies, which were implemented. I am interested more in the top of the pyramid than in Visinescu and Ficior being convicted because that is where there was a murder laboratory which needs to be decrypted and, to the same extent, [those working there] punished.”

Watch the full programme here: source.

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