SALUT – Home is where we live! – a new ICAR project

How many of us know the secrets of the Lebanese pita bread? Or the legends behind wearing the sari by women in India? Could we make the difference between Syrian and Turkish traditional motifs?

Studies and barometers on migrant integration in Romania show that, in general, the attitude of Romanian citizens is predominantly positive as far as foreign citizens are concerned, but warn about the fact that Romanians have little information on the number of migrants, their countries of origin, their customs and culture. In order to rectify this situation, ICAR Foundation and its partner, the Romanian Peasant Museum,  would like to invite you to take part in a new project, SALUT – Home is where we live!, meant to build bridges between the migrant and local communities and the other way around. The project is attempting at breaking knowledge and prejudice barriers and at bringing together the two groups around common values, such as tolerance and multicultural understanding, respect for human rights, equity and non-discrimination.

Project objectives

  1. Raising public and media awareness on asylum and migration issues, through an 8-months project featuring information campaigns and a competition for the press
    2. Promoting social inclusion of migrants and multicultural understanding between Romanians and migrants by organising and encouraging their active participation in multicultural activities for 8 months

Main activities

  • A competition for journalists on topics of tolerance and integration of migrants
  • Projections of artistic films and documentaries on topics related to asylum and migration
  • Traditional craft workshops organised by migrants
  • Multicultural fair

The projects will last for eight months (1 July 2015 – 29 February 2016) and is funded through the EEA 2009 – 2014 grants, within NGO Fund in Romania.

On the Facebook page of the project, we will post the important notifications, invitations to the project events and many more!

For official information on EEA and Norwegian grants, please access

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