Dr Camelia Doru: “We need migrants very much”

Dr  Camelia Doru, President of ICAR Foundation, and social counsellor Elena Patrateanu were invited by Laurentiu Ungureanu as guests in his programme “Refugee in Romania”, broadcasted by Adevarul Live on Tuesday, 7 July 2015.

You can watch the recording of the programme here. We have extracted a few quotes from the programme:

“ICAR Foundation holds special and unique expertise, starting from a need noticed by other organisations providing migrants legal and social assistance. They noticed that people exposed to traumatic events or victims of such events needed healthcare services and psychological assistance.” – Dr Camelia Doru

“They don’t teach you about torture and its consequences at the university. We, the specialists of ICAR Foundation, learned these things from other colleagues, starting with the people of Amnesty International” – Dr Camelia Doru


“Unfortunately, in many European states, migrants are not seen as resources. They are seen as burdens for the society. The term used when talking about migrant quotas is ‘burden share'” – Elena Patrateanu, social counsellor

“There are laws on asylum seekers’ rights, but, practically, there is bureaucracy, hassle, plus language barriers … asylum seekers need more assistance than foreseen” – Dr. Camelia Doru

You can watch the full programme here.

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