Erik Kristian Holst ( 01.12.1929 – 07.11.2013 )

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With deep sorrow the Team of ICAR Foundation in Bucharest is announcing the loss of Professor Emeritus Erik Kristian Holst who for many years was our precious international consultant, our constant source of inspiration, example of professionalism and humanity, a challenging and constructive spirit.

He never retired, he kept working to the last moment knowing that he has a lot to give, knowing that we need his knowledge and wisdom.

We spent together time of happiness and sadness, joy and frustration, reflection, planning, building on unthinkable ideas, sharing our lives. He made a great difference in people’s lives even during short interactions, he used his charisma in the best way and everybody felt enriched after meeting him

We feel enormously privileged we could have him so close to us, for us and ultimately to accompany him to his final departure.


May you rest in peace dear Professor Erik Kristian Holst! We already miss you!


At ICAR Foundation premises (Bucharest, B-dul Unirii, No. 70, Bl.J5, Sect. 3)


You can see here: Erik Holst Facebook Profile